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When It Comes To Roofing In North Carolina Nothing Will Look Better, Last Longer, Or Save You More Money Than A McCarthy Metal Roof…PERIOD.

As the founder of McCarthy Metal Roofing, I have searched far and wide to bring my customers the finest metal roofs available today. Combined with our expert installation craftsmanship and exacting quality control, we exclusively offer North Carolina’s most beautiful, long lasting, and energy efficient roofs … and we stand behind every roof we install with our LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Contrary to popular belief, roofs (especially metal roofs) are extraordinarily complex. And even the best products in the world are going to fail if they are not installed correctly. And this, unfortunately, is where a lot of homeowners run into problems.

You see, the single biggest problem you have as a homeowner is that you have to TRUST that your roofer is doing the job exactly right. Over 80% of a roof installation happens where you can’t see it… and this is why other roofers can quote you ridiculously low prices. They know they can always cut corners to pad profits later.

But how do you know I am not just making this all up to sell roofs? Simple, I’m not the one saying it. In fact, in a recent report by Clemson University, in association with the National Roofing Contractors Association, they discovered and I quote:

Damage was widespread and frequently severe, resulting in interior water damage. Field investigations concluded that damage was caused by inadequate workmanship, standards and design. Some shingles were not installed properly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

This is why at McCarthy Metal Roofing we are so passionate about what we do. It’s why we only sell and install permanent metal roofs – the only type of roofs we know for a fact that will stand up to North Carolina weather – and why we install them only one way… the RIGHT way. Because anything less is putting you, your family and your wallet at risk. And that is something we simply will not do…EVER.

Bottom Line: Because of our passion for roofing, our insistence on aesthetically pleasing designs, and our absolute determination to install your roof as close to perfection as humanly possible, our roofs simply look better, last longer, and save you more money than anything else on the market today…hands down, it’s not even close. Imagine NEVER having to replace or worry about your roof again.

I know that claiming that I have the absolute best roofs and warranties in North Carolina is a pretty bold statement. But, given the opportunity to work hard for you and your family, I guarantee that we will prove it.

If you care about having things done right, and you want a beautiful, long-lasting, energy efficient roof for your home, I invite you to call us at 919-900-1100. We’d love to meet you.

Tim McCarthy President of McCarthy Metal RoofingWarmest Regards,

Tim McCarthy

McCarthy Metal Roofing
Raleigh, NC

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